On the Serenity of Rain

During simple conversations, people often say how nice the weather is. Most of the time, they refer to a bright, sunny day. In my experience, I have never encountered anyone in my life who says what nice weather it is outside when it is raining. Why would they? Raining can drain the mood of anyone, especially when they plan on going out. Plans made with friends to visit the beach, or go hiking, or just take a stroll around the city can all be canceled when the rain comes pouring. That is why even though I want to, I cannot say to my friends and colleagues that the weather is nice today when the clouds are blocking the sunlight, rain is pouring on the windows, and the surroundings are dark and gloomy. I am not saying that I like rain and gloomy clouds better than sunlight and clear skies, I just appreciate the beauty and serenity of rain whenever it comes.

Even though raining is the complete opposite of a sunny day, rendering us cool instead of warm, wet instead of dry, and bringing us darkness instead of light, a rainy day still has its charms. Reading and studying feel better when it is raining outside. Going to a coffee shop while it is raining outside adds to the ambiance of the place, helping me become more focused and productive. Commuting while raining calms my mind and helps me to get ready for the upcoming shift at work. There are many more perks and charms that rain has on me. I will just expound on some more.

Rain & Reading

I love reading. It’s one of the simplest and most profound joys in my life. With this kind of love, I can easily read anywhere. On my bed or couch, on any chair in my home, school, and office, or on any public transportation like buses, trains, and planes. As long as I can sit, I can read contently. However, a feeling of relaxation and happiness are added to my contentment whenever I am reading and there is rain outside.

Whenever there is rain, splattering on the windows and streets, I always feel something serene about that monotonous act of nature. When paired with reading, it is almost like the raindrops are enchanting, putting me in a trance that I cannot and will not resist.

Sometimes, an unusual thought comes to my mind. I feel like rain is nature’s way of prompting us to take a break from our work, to rest. Because like I mentioned earlier, the effects of rain are a complete opposite to what a sunny day brings. A nice, bright day can improve our mood and help us comfortably work under the warmth and light. Whereas a rainy day can prompt us to go under our covers and sip on something warm and soothing. Maybe that is why even just the sound of rain can help me feel more relaxed.

Throughout my college years, I have learned that the effect that rain has on me is not limited to the real thing. Through the amazing genius of study-focused apps, I can listen to different kinds of rain while listening to my own music. It was extremely helpful. Whenever my normal studying music won’t work for me, I just put on my rain ambiance app and studying or reading is instantly easier. It is strange and somewhat welcoming at the same time, where artificial rain can help make me calm just as much as a natural one.

Music & Rain

One of the best feelings in the world is listening to music while it is raining outside. I understand and appreciate the song more when I can hear the raindrops on the roof and windows, similar to my experiences when reading. The sound of rain drowns out all the disturbing background noise of the house such as the voices of your family/roommates, cars driving past your road, conversations by the people outside, any kind of media sound throughout the house like movies and games, and many more. These disturbing noises are then exchanged by the monotonous, enchanting sounds of the rain, which provides a better ambiance for listening to music.

The rain also makes me more sentimental which helps me feel the messages and melodies of the songs I listen to. I have some theories as to why this happens, but my best one is this: the rain acts like a curtain that shields us from the noises, troubles, and worries outside of our comfort zone. When it is raining, you cannot hear the cars driving past, the voices are muffled, plans to go out are delayed, and the worries become less troublesome because you are calmer and focused, leading to solving or lessening the problem.

Photo by Emiliano Arano on Pexels.com
Raining by the Beach

I know that these two are the most unlikely partners in my essay about rain, almost complete opposites. For I think no one would even think about going to the beach while it is raining outside. It doesn’t make sense. Even I haven’t done it.

But there was a time when I went to the beach and after a while, it suddenly started to rain. I was already near to where my car is parked when I happen to look back on the beach. It was the most serene thing I have ever seen.

I have a fondness for looking at the sea. The calm waves, the smell of salt in the air, and the endless gusts of wind, all provide me with a profound sense of peace. But when I looked at the sea when it was raining, I felt a different kind of peace. It was something primal and powerful. I was in awe, astonished by this majestic view of nature. A thought slowly formed in my mind while I was stunned by the sea and rain: that no matter how advanced our civilization becomes, nothing will still be as powerful and all-encompassing as nature.

Everything Slows Down

Just like my experiences when looking at the sea, I cannot understand why rain has such a calming and profound effect on me. Is it the continuous plop of raindrops that creates a specific sound or rhythm that triggers something positive in my brain? Or is it because I often like being alone and the continuous pouring, loud, monotonous sound of the rain and the slight darkness it brings shields me from the outside world and helps me focus? Either way, I do not need to know because this mystery is beneficial for me. But it is amazing to think that whenever it is raining outside, I know I will be calm and relaxed, forming different thoughts that make me aware more of the world.

The person reading this might think that I only like rain when I am indoors, away from the dampness and cold. Sometimes it is true, but since I grew up in a tropical country, I have grown to prefer the rain and the cool environment it brings rather than the hot and humid sunny days. So, I don’t mind walking in the rain, carrying my umbrella over my head. Besides, when it rains, everything outside slows down, even my thoughts. There is something oddly peaceful about it.


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