On Camaraderie

We live in a society. No matter how independent you think you are, how individualistic your values are in life, it does not and will not change the fact that we all need each other.

Throughout history, the human race has been struck down with a plethora of catastrophes: panoramic plagues, great famines, civil and world wars, fascism and dictatorships, terrorist attacks, genocides, and terribly more.

Yet, we still stand. We have survived all of these things and I am certain that we shall survive the upcoming battles ahead with the same heroic hearts and strong will that we possess. 

The global pandemic that we all face has progressed at an unprecedented level.  Through the news, we can see which country handled the virus well, implementing protective health measures for its citizens; and also observe which country is slow to take any kind of measure at all. 

However, at the center of every country affected by the pandemic, no matter how great or terrible the government measures are, we can find people who are more than willing to help. Any help is welcome and it is heartwarming to see different kinds of assistance everywhere.

One of the most important assistance being provided is information, and it takes many forms. We can either listen or read the news on what measures our respective governments are taking. But if any of us wants to help directly, we can find out through social media which organizations are accepting donations to help the people in the front lines. There are also many newly formed groups of wonderful people that help their neighborhood if you want to help personally.

Most surprisingly, we see generous people going out of their way to help others: the front line workers, the less fortunate people struggling to make ends meet, and anyone significantly affected by the crisis. Some provide free lunch to the elderly and vulnerable, some freely give out coffees to the medical workers, while some groups help their elderly neighbors who have no family left to take care of them. It is a beautiful thing to read about.

It is amazing to witness these people, helping others in a time where we are advised to isolate ourselves with our family and wait out the end of this pandemic.

That, for me, is the true human spirit.


3 thoughts on “On Camaraderie

  1. This is an excellent post and one after my own heart as three of my immediate family members are healthcare workers. My daughter is on the front line as a nurse and is caring for the infected patients. There are so many good people out there willing to help in any way they can. Thank you for reminding us of the good side in people.❤️


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